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Smartphone for All is a scheme from Govt. of Pakistan which is set to be launched very soon.In this scheme you can purchase smart phones on easy installments.This scheme is for the targeted audience of middle class and lower class people who can purchase smart phones on installments without interest or processing fees.

PTA has been working on this project (Smartphone for All) from last few months and took banks,mobile phones companies and cellular service companies on board to create a plan which is in the best interest of public.

In this post we are going to talk about all of the details about this upcoming scheme (Smartphone for All).As people have many questions in mind about this scheme.

Also we will keep this post updated as soon as more information about this scheme is available by Ministry of Information technology.

All Details about Smartphone for All Scheme

Price Range Limitations

Price range limit - smartphone for all

As per the details from PTA the price range limitation to get a mobile phone on installments in this scheme is Rs. 10,000 to 100,000.This scheme is for middle and lower middle class people who want to get smart phone within this range.

Once this scheme is launched you may apply to get a smart phone within the price range of Rs. 10-100K as the duration of installments can be from 3 to 12 months.


The only requirement to get smart phone on installment in this scheme is the CNIC of Pakistan.So if you have a valid CNIC you may apply for this scheme.

Eligibility for Smartphone for All

Currently there are no specific details about the eligibility for this scheme but as we know that this scheme is for the middle and lower middle class people so there is a possibility that only selected salary range people may apply for this scheme but nothing is confirmed yet.So please keep coming for future updates in this post.

Interest & Processing Fees

One of the best thing about smartphone for all scheme is that there will be no interest or processing fees to get a smart phone.Also there will be no guarantee or long list documents requirements in this scheme.

Can you get an iPhone with this scheme ?

iphone on installments

It is not possible to get an iPhone or any other flagship phone in this scheme and there are 2 reason for that .

  1. iPhone is not officially available in Pakistan
  2. Price of iPhone and other flagship phones are higher than the allowed limit of Rs. 100k

Down Payment and installments for Smartphone for All

Down Payment range to get a smart phone on installment is 20 – 30 % so you will have to at least pay 20% of down payment e.g. if you are buying a phone of worth Rs. 100,000 then you will have to pay Minimum of Rs. 20,000 down payment.

Cellular Service restrictions & Limits

Smartphone for All scheme is very well designed and planned by the Ministry of IT Pakistan and it will work the same way it works in other countries.Phone which is purchased on installment will remain locked to the selected carriers in Pakistan and you won’t be able to use it outside Pakistan until all of the Installments are paid off.

Where to get the Smart phone.

One of the most important question about this scheme is that there where to apply to get a smart phone and from where we can get the phone.This question remain unanswered until there is an update from PTA or Ministry of IT.

We will update more details in this post as there is an update from PTA or Ministry of Information Technology Pakistan.

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