What is JV iPhone | Should you buy JV or Factory Unlock ?


If you are an iPhone user then you must have heard a word JV iPhone in Pakistan.JV iPhones (Gevey iPhones) are getting very popular nowadays and most of the poeple are now preferring to buy these iphones rather than purchasing a factory unlock iphone.

As you are reading this post then you must have the following questions in your mind

  • What is JV iPhone ?
  • What is Factory Unlock iPhone ?
  • Is JV iPhone an original iPhone from Apple ?
  • Are JV iPhones legal to use ?
  • Can you use sim card in JV iPhone ?
  • Does Apple covers the warranty of JV iPhones ?

In this post we are going to clear each and every question or confusion you have in your mind.

What is JV iPhone ?

JV iPhone

Let’s answer the very important and the question which is mostly asked, what is jv iphone.JV iPhone is an iphone which is locked to a specific carrier (e.g. AT&T,Verizon or O2) So if you purchase a JV iphone then you won’t be able to use any other network sim card except the one on which iphone is locked to.

Interesting thing here is that why don’t we call a carrier locked iphone instead of JV, well JV is a smaller word and easy to pronounce.Also another reason of calling a carrier locked iphone a JV(Gevey) iphone is that a sim card from other network can be used on JV iphone with the help of JV (Gevey) Chip which resides between your sim card and iphone.

What is JV (Gevey) Chip ?

JV (Gevey) chip is programmed chip which are mostly manufactured in china, basically this is a chip which has details of global popular network on which usually the iphone are locked too.So this JV chip resides between your sim card and iphone and it allows you to use any other network sim in your iphone.

Following is an image of how JV (Gevey) chip looks like.These JV chips are very delicate and there are many chance that you can break it while installing on your phone.So please make sure that you insert this JV chip with care.

How to Use JV Chip in iPhone

It is a very simple process to use JV chip in your iphone to use the sim card of any other network.you may check this video for a detailed process explanation .

What is Factory Unlocked iPhone ?

Factory Unlocked iPhone is an iphone which is not locked to any carrier and you can easily use sim card from any cellular network globally.There will be no activation or other process needed to use any sim card.Simply insert any sim card in to iphone or scan a QR for an Esim and you are ready to go.

If you are on ufone cellular network in Pakistan then you may check the Details of Ufone E-Sim here.

Keep in mind that factory unlocked iphones are usually high in price as compared to carrier locked iphones.

How to check if it JV iPhone or Factory Unlocked ?

Before purchasing an iphone you need to check if the phone is factory unlocked or jv so you may easily check if the phone is unlocked or not by simply following the process given below.

  • Go to Setting > General > About

Now scroll down and you will see an option of Network Provider Lock.If you iphone is JV or locked to a carrier then it will say Sim locked.

jv iphone sim locked

In case of factory unlock iphone it will say No Sim Restrictions.

Why JV iPhones are low in Cost in Pakistan ?

JV iPhones are low in cost because they are locked to a single cellular network and you can’t use the sim (physical or e-sim) from any other network globally.

Why JV iPhones are getting very popular in Pakistan ?

You must have seen over internet,ecommerce websites,olx and other online selling platform that JV iPhones are getting very popular and people prefer to buy a JV Phone rather than a factor unlocked phone and the simple reason for that is PTA tax in Pakistan is very and people can’t afford that much of tax.

So most of the people only use iphones on Wifi or they use the sim for 2 months only then the imei of phone gets blocked so they know that they won’t be able to use sim on it so they prefer to buy jv iphones as they are cheaper.

Should you buy JV iPhone or Factory Unlocked ?

Answer to this question is very simple, if you want to travel abroad or you will pay the PTA tax on iphone and want to use sim card in iPhone then you should buy factory unlocked iPhone.

But if you don’t travel abroad and also you won’t be paying the PTA tax on iPhone then JV is the best option for you, there is a simple rule why pay for something which you won’t use.

Are JV iPhones legel to use in Pakistan ?

Yes JV (Cellular locked) iPhone are legal to be used in Pakistan and you may use then without any fear and also these iPhone are original iPhone created by Apple in the same factory where the factory unlocked phones are manufactured.


So these are all the details about JV iPhones and these details will help you in making the decision of whether you should buy a JV iPhone or factory unlock iphone.

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