Samsung New Mobile Phones 2022-2023

Samsung is a well known smart phone brand globally and in Pakistan too.Samsung New Mobile phones are launched after every 3 -4 months in different variants which have different prices and specifications, so sometimes it becomes difficult for the samsung users to get the information about the latest smart phone from samsung.

We have created this page to put all of the information about the latest smart phones from samsung.Currently this page has the smart phones which got really popular in Pakistan during 2022 -2023 but we will keep adding new samsung new mobile phones in to this page as any new phone arrives.

samsung galaxy s23 ultra

samsung galaxy A53
Samsung S23 UltraSamsung Galaxy A53
Price : Rs. 210,000Price : Rs. 124,500
Launched : 1 Feb 2023Launched : 24 March 2022

samsung galaxy A33

samsung galaxy Z Fold 4
Samsung Galaxy A33Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
Price : Rs. 62,500Price : Rs. 497,500
Launched : 20 Apr 2022Launched : 25 Aug 2022

samsung galaxy A13

samsung galaxy A23
Samsung Galaxy A13Samsung Galaxy A23
Price : Rs. 53,500Price : Rs. 51,500
Launched : 23 Mar 2022Launched : 25 Mar 2022