5 Best Free VPN for Android

free vpn for android

If you are looking for some best free vpn for android smart phone, then you are at the right place.We are going to list down 5 best free vpn for android smart phones which you can use on your phone to browse the internet securely and privately.

Now you should have a question in mind that what is vpn and how it can protect your identity and provide you security connectivity to the websites and applications.

What is VPN ?

what is vpn

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, it is a virtual tunnel that is created between your computer and the vpn server.All of the internet traffic will be served via this tunnel.e.g. if you want to access a website apple.com and you are connected to vpn then the request will first go to the vpn server and then the vpn server will forward that request to apple.com server.

So all of the details and identity of vpn server will be shared with apple.com server, which means that your identity will be protected and also most of the vpn servers have intrusion and malware detection technology enable so they can save you from malware and viruses.

Reference : https://www.kaspersky.com/resource-center/definitions/what-is-a-vpn

Free VPN vs Paid VPN

Free VPN

Some of the vpn companies do provide free vpn service to everyone for their promotion or to get more users e.g. browsec and hotspot sheild.These free vpn services are good and should be enough for a normal home user.These free vpn services includes Ads in their app and they are on low speed vpn servers with limited locations available e.g. USA and UK.

Paid VPN

Companies like express vpn, nord vpn, pure vpn and others provide premium quality vpn services in monthly,quarterly and annual plan.Users who need high internet speed while connected to vpn can purchase their services, they create vpn server with high bandwidth internet links so users can enjoy uninterrupted and ad-free internet surfing via vpn.

Best Free VPN for Android

1)Hotspot sheild VPN

Hotspot sheild VPN is a very popular free vpn service, initially this services was available for chrome browser with the of extensions then this service is available for other browsers and also Hotspot sheild VPN has launch their mobile apps for Android and iphone which allow the whole mobile internet traffic to be routed via Hotspot sheild VPN once it is connect.

Hotspot sheild VPN provides free vpn service with limited locations e.g. USA,UK and Canada but it is good enough for a normal user, it provided uninterrupted and ad free vpn service in free of cost, although there are Ad available in their app but don’t show any ads to you while browsing our using any application by using Hotspot sheild VPN free service you can hide your personal information and remain safe against viruses malware and other issues.

Link to Play Store :


2) Browsec VPN

Browsec vpn

Browsec VPN is a widely used free vpn service and it has over 5 Million Plus downloads at play store and has rating of 4.5.Browsec VPN allows you to enable vpn on just a single click into its application and you will be protected by Browsec VPN servers.Browsec protects your online privacy and security while accessing the Internet.

Link to Play Store


3) SuperVPN Fast VPN Client

Supervpn for mobile

SuperVPN Fast VPN Client is trusted by more than 100 Million Plus users at playstore and rated at 4.3.SuperVPN Fast VPN Client also on the number 8 at google play store top free tool making it one of the popular and widely used free vpn service.

SuperVPN Fast VPN Client is a totally free vpn services and don’t have any limitations, application is very easy to use and after installing the app click on the connect button to start the secure browsing via SuperVPN fast vpn servers.

Link to Play Store


4) Tomato VPN

Tomato VPN is a free vpn service which claim that they provide a very low latency of upto 20 Milliseconds which is a great feature for a free services.Tomato VPN is a 100 % free vpn service and they focus on word free with their service.They have 50 million plus downloads on google play store and having the rating of 4.5

Some of the nice features at Tomato VPN are low latency , lot of free vpn servers to connect, fast speed and security which make it a good choice in the list of free vpn services for android.

Link to Play Store


5) Turbo VPN

Quickly and easily unlock the full potential of internet using Turbo VPN, as Turbo VPN provides vpn service with unlimited data and provides you secure and stable vpn enabled internet.

Turbo VPN is installed by more than 100 Million plus users at play storage with a rating of 4.5.Some of the nice features claimed by Turbo VPN are Fast and secure vpn servers, Fast and reliable connection and online security.

Link to Play Storage


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