Jazz Balance Sharing – Jazz to Jazz Balance share

Jazz Balance Sharing

Jazz Balance Sharing is a great feature of jazz network.It allows you to share your jazz balance with your friends and family.This option is really helpful in a situation when any of your friend/family is out of balance and you have good amount of balance so you can easily share the balance.Process is very simple, all details,code and charges are given below.

How to do Jazz Balance Sharing

Jazz Balance share allows you to quickly and conveniently share the balance with your loved ones.This service can be used by simple using a code with the number of the receiver and amount you want to share.

Jazz Balance Share Code

jazz balance sharing

To share the balance you need to use the code with the following syntax.

From the mobile keypad or dialpad

Dial *100*Receiver’s Number*Amount#

Let’s suppose that you want to transfer the balance to your friend who has jazz number 03001234567 and you want to share the balance of 100

Dial *100*03001234567*100#

Above code will transfer the balance of 100 from your number to the receiver’s number 03001234567

After you dial the code mentioned above you will receive a receive a message from jazz, requesting you to confirm your request.So you need to have a careful look at the details and reply with your confirmation.As soon as you send the confirmation the balance will be transferred to the receiving number.


fees and charges

Jazz Balance Sharing service is not free and it has charges on each balance share request you make.Charges of sharing jazz balance are

Rs 7.50 (incl. tax)/Transaction

Please keep in mind that these charges are per transaction charges and if you even make an another transaction to the same number then it will cost you Rs 7.50 (incl. tax)/Transaction again.So you need to try to transfer the maximum amount you want to share in one go.

Maximum Amount Share Limit

balance share request

There are some limits which are applied on per day and per transaction on jazz balance share.

Max Jazz Balance Share Limit in one Transaction = Rs. 500

Max Jazz Balance Share Limit Per Day = Rs. 500

Jazz Balance Sharing Requirements

Before proceeding to transfer the balance you need to make sure that the following conditions/requirements are fulfilled.

  1. Balance can be shared on Prepaid Jazz Number (Make sure that your and the receiving person have prepaid number)
  2. Both the sender and receiver needs to be on same service class/family e.g. normal sim and not the data or mbb or internet sim

How to Make Jazz Balance Share Request

This is one of the great option of this jazz service is that you may request balance from your friends/family.So if you are stuck somewhere and got out of balance then you can simply request some balance from your friends/family by dialing the following code.

Dial *107# and a USSD menu will appear prompting the customer to enter Party-B MSISDN

Another good thing in jazz balance share request is that it is free of cost for the receiving person.The transfer charges will be deducted from the sending person.

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