Telenor Night Package Internet

Telenor night package internet

Telenor Night Package Internet is a list of some of the great Internet packages from Telenor in night time.Most of these night internet packages from telenor are valid from 12 am or 1am till 9 am so if you love to stay late night and surf internet then these package are must have for you.

Telenor has a huge customer base and telenor is providing the lowest cost packages to it’s customer.Specially Telenor Night Package Internet are very affordable in price and also give you lot of data.

Night Internet Packages from telenor comes in a different time duration e.g. one day , weekly and monthly.In my opinion the monthly night package of internet from telenor is one of the best as it provides you huge amount of data for the validity of 30 days.

Telenor Night Package Internet

Followings are the Telenor Night Package Internet offers which gives you good amount of data in night time.But make sure that you have any other data package so that if your turn on mobile data in the daytime and you don’t have any other package then your mobile balance will be deducted and using mobile data without any package is very expensive.

1) Raat Din Offer

Telenor Night Package Internet

Let’s start with the Raat Din Offer from telenor this is very good offer if you want to use mobile data for one day.e.g. on weekend you may get this package so you may surf the internet whole night in small amount.

Details of Raat Din Offer

Price : Rs. 18 Incl Tax.
Data : 1.5 GB
Subscription Code : *150#
Validity : 12 Hours (12am – 12pm)
Auto Renew : No
Available for : Prepaid Customer’s only

2) Weekly Ultra Plus – 20 GB

Telenor Night Package Internet - Weekly ultra plus

Weekly ultra plus is a weekly internet package but this package is low in cost and the reason for that is half of the Internet GBs offered in this package are valid in night time only (1am – 9am)So we can call it a partial night internet package.

Details of Weekly Ultra Plus -20 GB

Price : Rs. 240 Incl Tax.
Data : 20 GB (10 GB from 1am – 9am)
Subscription Code : *225#
Validity : 7 Days
Auto Renew : No
Available for : Prepaid Customer’s only

3) Mega Monthly – 100 GB

Telenor Mega Monthly Offer

This is one of the best night time offer and to be very honest after searching for lot of night time offers from all other cellular provider i found that this offer from telenor is the best.This offer is affordable, long in duration and very low in price.

This offer give you 100 Gb of data for the whole month in night time.So if you are awake late night on daily basis and you love to surf internet on night time on daily basis then you should get this offer as the price of this offer is very low.

Details of Mega Month – 100 GB

Price : Rs. 180 Incl Tax.
Data : 100 GB (12am – 12am)
Subscription Code : *29#
Validity : 30 Days
Auto Renew : No
Available for : Prepaid Customer’s only


You may subscribe to your favorite night internet package from telenor.All details and code for the offers which are best for night time are mentioned.The details are up to date and most recent.All of the code and pricing details are up to date.

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