Easypaisa Code – Codes to use Easypaisa without Mobile App

Easypaisa Code

Easypaisa code is helpful in using easypaisa with the mobile app or even if you mobile app installed but don’t have internet connectivity then these codes can be very helpful for you.Easypaisa is a well known mobile wallet app in Pakistan by Telenor.

Easypaisa can be used via mobile app which is available for both android and ios and can easily be installed from google play store or apple app store.In Pakistan there are thousands of users who still use the mobile style mobile phone which has buttons and small screen.

Those users face difficulty in using Easypaisa app as they need to remember the code for operating easypaisa.Codes are available for most of the tasks to be done in easypaisa e.g. Account opening, balance check and balance transfer.

Easypaisa Code for Telenor Users

Most of the easypaisa users are from telenor as easypaisa is the best choice for telenor users because of high availability in starting of easypaisa and also due to reasonable charges for the use of easypaisa.

Telenor users can use the following easypaisa code to start using easypaisa from the mobile Dial Pad

Dial *786#

To open easypaisa account using the code

easypaisa code

1) Dial *786#
2) Enter your CNIC and Date of Issuance
3) Create 5-digit PIN Code.
4) Confirm your PIN Code and you are ready to log in to your easypaisa mobile account

To Check Balance Using the code

1) Dial *786#
2) Select Option 1 (Balance ki Malomat)
3) Enter your easypaisa pin
4) Balance details will be shown on your mobile phone screen.

To Transfer Money Using the code

1) Dial *786#
2) Select Option 3 (Raqam Bhaijain)
3) Enter your easypaisa pin
4) Enter the number on which you want to send the easypaisa balance.

Easypaisa Code for Jazz , Zong and Ufone

Easypaisa is available for all of the other network in Pakistan, so easypaisa code for jazz and other networks are also available which can be used with the keypad based mobile phones or in case if you don’t have the internet connectivity.

To use easypaisa in Jazz , zong or ufone please dial the following code from mobile keypad.

Dial *2262#

The dial code mentioned above will show easypaisa options which can be used from any mobile keypad and it is a quick way to perform many actions e.g. account opening at easypaisa, balance transfer or mini statement.

To Check Balance Using the code

1) Dial *2262#
2) Select Option 1 (Balance ki Malomat)
3) Enter your Easypaisa pin
4) Balance details will be shown on your mobile phone screen.

Note :

Please make sure that you dial the correct number as per your network because if you dial the easypaisa code which is not the correct for that mobile network that there are many chances that you will be subscribed for any other service on that network which is going to cost you mobile balance.e.g. if you dial *786# from zong number then you will be subscribed to zong islamic services.So please make sure to dial correct code of easypaisa.

If you are looking to contact easypaisa support or having any issue with your easypaisa account then you may contact EasyPaisa Helpine.

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