Ufone Daily Internet Package – Price and Details in 2023

ufone daily intenet package

Ufone daily internet package is a must have package for ufone customers who want to enjoy internet on daily basis.There are many people who don’t need to use internet all the times so they prefer the short duration internet packages from ufone.Ufone has introduced daily internet packages for different apps e.g. (tiktok,youtube and others)

So if you are looking for Daily internet packages from ufone or want a package of 24 hours duration then you are at the right place.We have gathered the up to date and latest daily internet packages from ufone.Packages are mentioned in details with the price,amount of data,validity and subscription code.

In the following table all of the details of available ufone Daily internet package are given with the best possible information so that you may choose the best possible package as per you need and budget.

Ufone Daily Internet Package Details

Ufone Daily Internet Package
Package Name Price Data Volume Validity Subscription Code
Unlimited Instagram Offer Rs. 5 (Load Required) 500 MB (Only for Instagram) 1 Day Dial *9898#
Daily Free Fire Offer Rs. 10 (Load Required) 750 MB (Only for Freefire) 1 Day Dial *8080#
Daily PUBGM Offer Rs. 10 (Load Required) 750 MB (Only for PUBG) 1 Day Dial *8080#
Best Morning Offer Rs. 7 (Incl. Tax) 2 GB (Can only be used during 9am - 12pm) 1 Day Dial *4200#
Daily Off Peak Plus Rs. 15.65 (Incl. Tax) 1.5 GB (Can only be used during 6am - 6pm) 1 Day Dial *10#
Mega Internet Rs. 20 (Incl. Tax) 2 GB (Can only be used during 12am - 12pm) 1 Day Dial *550#
Daily Light Rs. 16.52 (Incl. Tax) 40 MB (For Whatsapp,facebook,twitter,line & Youtube) 1 Day Dial *2256#
Daily Whatsapp Offer Rs. 2.50 (Incl. Tax) 100 MB (for whatsapp only) 1 Day Dial *987#
SnapChat offer Free (No Charges) 100 MB (for snapchat only) 1 Day Dial *7627#

Good thing about ufone daily internet package is that these packages are designed by ufone by keeping the needs of it’s users in mind as there are many people who only use specific apps on frequent basis for example if a person needs to communicate a lot using whatsapp then ufone has a daily internet whatsapp package.

There are also other packages available for example Daily freefire offer, this is an offer which gives you 750 MB of internet data which can only be used with freefire.These packages are low in cost because it can be only used for specific apps.But keep in mind that smart phone consumes data in the background.In that case if you don’t have any other data plan then you mobile balance will be deducted.

Mega Internet package gives you 2 GB of data for 1 day duration but this can only be used during the time of 12AM till 12PM.So basically we can call it a night based package which is very good as in just Rs. 20 you may enjoy 2 GB of internet for the whole night.

Daily Whatsapp offer is a package with 1 days validity and it gives you 100 MB of whatsapp data which is good enough for normal whatsapp usage.The price of this whatsapp package is very low and just Rs. 2.50 which is amazing price for 100 MB of whatsapp data.

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