Zong SMS Packages – Prepaid and Postpaid 2023

zong sms packages

If you are zong user and wants to have some information about the available zong sms packages in 2023 then you are at a right place.Zong has millions of users in Pakistan and zong provides sms packages for both zong prepaid and postpaid customers.As we all know that SMS are still being used as there are some times when internet coverage is not available then these sms packages are a life savor.

For prepaid users zong provides sms packages on daily, weekly and monthly basis.These packages of sms from zong have multiple resources in it.Daily sms package for prepaid users in zong have 1 mb of internet,500 sms and 30 mb for whatsapp.So if you don’t have any data plan in zong and you still want to use whatsapp then this sms package can help you with whatsapp Mbs.

For Postpaid users the duration of zong sms packages is only 30 days it is because of the billing cycle for postpaid plan.Most of the cellular providers in Pakistan only support 30 days billing for postpaid users and the reason is that most of the postpaid users are corporate users and they prefer to pay once in a month.

In postpaid plans for sms packages in zong there is a package which has unlimited sms in just Rs. 90 this package is great for those who wants to send lot of sms on daily basis so they can subscribe this packages and enjoy unlimited sms to any network.

One more thing about these zong sms packages is that there is no subscription code available for them so all of these packages needs to be subscribed from zong website or from zong app.

Details of Zong SMS Packages

Prepaid Customers

Zong sms packages prepaid
Name Price Validity Number of SMS WhatsApp MB(s) Internet MB(s) Subscription Code
Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle Rs. 7 1 Day 500 30 1
Weekly SMS + WhatsApp Bundle Rs. 32 7 Days 1,300 200 None
Monthly SMS + Whatsapp Bundle Rs. 75 30 Days 500 SMS Per Day 30 MB Per Day None

Postpaid Customers

Zong SMS packages postpaid
Name Price Validity Number of SMS Subscription Code
Postpaid 700 SMS Bundle Rs. 50 + Tax 30 Days 700
Postpaid 300 SMS Bundle Rs. 25 + Tax 30 Days 300
Postpaid Unlimited SMS Bundle Rs. 90 + Tax 30 Days Unlimited

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For All of the zong packages available for zong users.check out official zong website

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