Telenor SMS Packages – Prepaid and Postpaid 2023

Telenor SMS Packages

Telenor Sms Packages are available for both prepaid and postpaid customers.Although after the launch of 3G/4G packages the use of whatsapp is increased and sms usage is dropped but still sms package is a must have for all of the telenor customers as it happens that sometimes the internet of mobile phone doesn’t work or if you are in an area where the coverage is not available then SMS works great in that time.

SMS Packages from telenor are available for the duration of daily,weekly and month basis for prepaid customers but for the postpaid customers the duration of sms packages is only 30 days or a month and the reason behind this is that all packages in postpaid are of 30 days duration and billing duration of postpaid is also 30 days.

One great thing about these telenor sms packages is that most of the sms packages also have some MBs included for whatsapp usage so basically these packages are very good for text based communication as these packages offer both sms and whatsapp data.

For prepaid customers there is a month sms package from telenor which costs Rs. 60 incl. tax and it has a duration of 30 days which gives you 10,000 sms for a month and also 300 MBs for whatsapp.Which is no doubt one of the best monthly sms package from telenor.

Details of Telenor SMS Packages

Prepaid Customers

Telenor SMS Packages for Prepaid
Name Price Validity Number of SMS Whatsapp MB(s) Subscription Code
Monthly SMS Bundle Rs. 60 Incl. Tax 30 Days 10,000 300 Dial *345*363#
Weekly SMS Bundle Rs. 17 Incl. Tax 7 Days 2,000 None Dial *345*117#
Daily SMS Bundle Rs. 4.78 Incl. Tax 1 Day 240 None Dial *345*116#
15 Day Economy SMS Bundle Rs. 17 Incl. Tax 15 Days 800 None Dial *345*112#
5 Day SMS Bundle Rs. 9.5 Incl. Tax 5 Days 300 None Dial *345*015#

Postpaid Customers

Telenor SMS packages for pospaid
Name Price Validity Number of SMS Subscription Code
SMS Bundle 1 Rs. 50 Incl. Tax 30 Days 300 Dial *345*761#
SMS Bundle 2 Rs. 100 Incl. Tax 30 Days 700 Dial *345*762#
SMS Bundle 3 Rs. 305 Incl. Tax 30 Days 7,000 Dial *345*763#

All of the telenor sms packages available in 2023 for prepaid and postpaid customers are mentioned in above tables, so you may choose the best sms package which suits your requirements and budget.Most of the people choose monthly sms packages because it gives them good amount of time so once they are subscribed to the monthly package they won’t have to worry about the package going to be expired soon.

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Official telenor page for SMS Packages.

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