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Jazz is one of the biggest cellular service company in Pakistan and Internet packages for Jazz are very popular among jazz customers.People keep looking for the updated Internet Packages for jazz to get the maximum data transfer and internet speed in minimum amount.

Internet Packages for Jazz are categorized into several categories by jazz, so that the customers can easily understand and pickup the best possible for package according to their needs and their budget.Some packages are high in Internet data transfer volume and some packages are long in duration.

These Internet Packages can be subscribed via subscription code or jazz mobile app which is available on android and ios both and can be installed free of cost.These packages and prices are the most updated price as of January 2023.

Details about Internet Packages for Jazz.

Jazz Internet Packages are categorized into following categories.

  • Hourly
  • 3-Hours
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Hourly Internet Packages for Jazz

So lets start with the hourly Internet Packages for Jazz, these hourly packages are the most shortest duration pacakges from jazz and these packages are for those customers who needs temporary internet for a short span of time, so that they can quickly subscribe to one of the packge and enjoy the 4G internet connectivity from jazz.

Package NameValidityInternet Data VolumePriceSubscription Code
Super Ghanta Offer1 Hour1 GBRs. 12 (Incl. Tax)*638#
Sashay Offer – Youtube2 Hours1 GBRs. 10 (Incl. Tax)*220*2*1#
Sashay Offer – WhatsApp2 Hours1 GBRs. 10 (Incl. Tax)*220*1*1#
Sashay Offer – Facebook2 Hours1 GBRs. 10 (Incl. Tax)*220*3*1#

Daily Internet Packages for Jazz

Jazz also offer some good daily Internet packages, these packages have a short validity of 1 day and these are low cost packages for those users who don’t need internet connectivity on regular basis.So whenever you need to get internet connectivity for a short time of 1 day you can subscribe to any of these packages.

These Daily internet packages for jazz comes in different amount of internet data, some of the packages come with more social data while some are with all type of internet data.There are many users in Pakistan who are more socially active so they prefer to have more data for social networks e.g. facebook , instagram and tiktok.

Daily internet packages for jazz comes with the packages name of Daily Extreme, Daily Browser, Daily you tube & Social And Daily mega.All of these details packages can be subscribed from Jazz mobile app or with the subscription code mentioned below with the packages details.

Package NameValidityInternet Data VolumePriceSubscription Code
Daily Extreme1 Day2 GB (Can Only be used during 12AM – 12 PM)Rs.18 (Incl. Tax)*757#
Daily Browser1 Day50 MBRs.20 (Incl. Tax)*117*11#
Daily Youtube & Social1 Day1.5 GB (Can only be used for facebook,youtube & WhatsapRs.27 (Incl. Tax)*968#
Daily Mega1 Day1 GBRs.35 (Incl. Tax)*117*4#

Internet 3-Day Extreme

This is a uniquely designed package from jazz and most of the jazz users love this package.It has a validity period of 3 days and comes with the total internet data of 3 GB but there is a condition that this data can only be used during the time of 2AM till 2 PM and the cost of this Internet 3-Day Extreme is Rs. 46 Incl. Tax.

We can call this package a night internet package from jazz as the time on which this package can be used in late night time.There are many people in Pakistan who sleep late or have free time in night so they love to use internet or watch youtube videos at night.This package is definitely for those type of users.

Package NameValidityInternet Data VolumePriceSubscription Code
Internet 3-Day Extreme3 Days3 GB (Can Only be used during 2AM – 2 PM)Rs.46 (Incl. Tax)*114*14#

Weekly Internet Packages for Jazz

Weekly Internet Packages for Jazz

Weekly Internet Packages for Jazz are the most popular packages from jazz as these packages are valid for 7 days so users like to have this package subscribed once a week and then enjoy uninterrupted internet for whole week.Most the internet packages are not subscribed automatically so users like to subscribe once a week.

Due to the popularity of weekly packages, jazz has introduced several weekly internet packages which has different amount of internet data and price.Also there are weekly packages which are for social networks.The Weekly Mega Plus is the package which has the most amount of internet data which is 25 GB.This amount of data for a week is great for those who consume lot of bandwidth or use internet on multiple devices using mobile hotspot feature.

Package NameValidityInternet Data VolumePriceSubscription Code
Weekly Extreme7 Days50 GB (Can only be used during 12AM – 9 AM)Rs. 130 (Incl. Tax)*117*1#
Weekly Youtube & Social7 Days5 GB (Can only be used on Faceook,IMO,Whatsapp,Youtube and BiP)Rs. 160 (Incl. Tax)Can be subscribe from Jazz App only.
Weekly Premium7 Days4 GBRs. 230 (Incl. Tax)*117*47#
Weekly Mega7 Days10 GB (9 GB for Internet and 1 GB for Social)Rs. 287 (Incl. Tax)*159#
Weekly Mega Plus7 Days25 GB (15 GB anytime & 10 GB can be used from 2AM – 2PM)Rs. 338 (Incl. Tax*453#

Monthly Internet Packages for Jazz

Now lets talk about some of the most popular internet packages which are monthly internet packages, these packages are so important that almost every cellular company in Pakistan do have these monthly internet packages.Monthly Internet packages come with a validity period of 30 day giving a easy to users to subscribe a package once is a month only and then enjoy it for 30 days.

Package NameValidityInternet Data VolumePriceSubscription Code
Monthly Extreme30 Days10 GB (Can only be used during 2AM – 2PM)Rs. 220 (Incl. Tax)*117*34#
Monthly Browser30 Days6 GB (Out of which 3 GB can be used during 2AM – 2 PM)Rs. 330 (Incl. Tax)*117*77#
Monthly Mega Plus30 Days12 GB (Out of which 6 GB can be used during 2AM – 2 PM)Rs. 520 (Incl. Tax)*117*30#
Monthly Supreme30 Days25 GBRs. 780 (Incl. Tax)This is hybrid bundle and can only be subscribed from Jazz App
Infinity Browser30 Days2 GBRs. 150 (Incl. Tax)*709#

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