Pictures & Price of Popular Mobile Phones in 2019

Popular Realme Phones in Pakistan Realme 5 Price of Realme 5 : 25,999 Realme c2 Price of Realme 5 : 15,999 Realme xt Price of Realme XT : 54,999 Realme…

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Check Mobile IMEI Status PTA(SMS,Website &APP)

In October 2018 Govt of Pakistan announced the registration of IMEI of all mobile phones/smart phones being operated in Pakistan.This step was taken to increase the tax revenue and to…

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Security Tips for Credit Card/Debit Card Holders in Pakistan

Technology and internet has changed the way we live our lives.Technology has huge impact on banking industry and all banks are now connected to each others and transactions are made…

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Custom Duty & Tax on Mobile Phones in Pakistan

As we all know that a new tax policy for Mobile phones was launched in 2019 and with this new policy the IMEI of all mobile phones needs to be…

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Prices of Some New and Used mobile Phones.

OnePlus One Plus 7t 8/128 blue non pta Rs. 84,500 One plus 7t 8/256 blue/ silver non pta Rs. 88,500 One plus 7t Pro 8/256 Blue non pta Rs. 107,000…

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How to Buy Things from Aliexpress(China) in Pakistan

As we all know that china a big export market and we can get almost everything from china.Alibaba and Aliexpress are 2 gigantic websites of Alibaba Group.First of all we…

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free internet for mobile

How to Get Free daily Internet on your Mobile

In last 2 – 3 years after the launch of 3G/4G the use of internet on smart phones is significantly improved, Online messaging platforms e.g. (watsapp,viber and facebook) have replaced…

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Buy Mobile Phone on Installments in Pakistan

Smart Phones are now becoming a necessary part of our lives, but as we all know that the huge number of people are salaried person in Pakistan and it is…

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5 Best Mid Range Smart Phones in Pakistan

Smart Phones are now becoming a necessary part of our lives and almost every person is looking to switch to a smart phone because it provides ease of access to…

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Used mobile Phones in Pakistan

Things to check before buying a used mobile phone in Pakistan

Phones of good brands e.g. apple,samsung and motoralla are expensive so there are large number of people in Pakistan who buy used phones.Fraud,cheating and forgery is very common nowadays in…

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